Saturday, September 19, 2009

On the subject of people

Dear Doctor,
People are strange, Doctor. Just strange.
I know everyone is different, but I have this friend I just don't GET, you know? Have you ever met someone you thought maybe you'd like, but it ends up epic fail?


Also. There's this girl. I thought she'd be really nice, but then. OH, then. She turned out to be this annoying, whiny, overly loud, bothersome person! She's not bad in VERY small doses. But when I say small, I mean SMALL.

AND. Doctor, oh Doctor. Why are all the boys I ever have a crush on always gay??? Or, grown up, married and famous?
It just doesn't seem fair. I'm happy for my best friends. No really, I am. I love them both to bits, and I am so happy that Sierra has a guy who likes her and she likes him, and I'm SO SO amazingly proud of Rose for talking with Emilio and I'm so excited to hear about their date tomorrow.

But why can't *I* find someone, too?
Thing is, every person I like ends up not liking girls. What the fudge, Time Lord man. For serious.

Anyway, I have another tidbit of angst that's so silly I don't even wanna say it.
So I guess I'll finish this up and send it via TARDIS express.

Thanks for listening,

Friday, September 18, 2009

Welcome to Dear Doctor

Hello, everyone!

This blog was started for several reasons.

A. Because I love Doctor Who.
B. Because I want a place to talk about my day in detail.
C. Because, come on. The Doctor is the best guy in the universe.

So, here's how it works. Every post will be in the form of a letter to my favorite Time Lord. If any commenters want to ask the Doctor a question, they can leave a comment in similar form (eg. "Dear Doctor, ....")

So! Let the letter-writing commence!